SRS Committee 2017

Below is the 2017 Committee for Stockport Radio Society.  Please click on the picture to view their details and roles

Chairman – Tony M0SAV

Temp Vice Chairman/HA Secretary – Alan G0ROW

Treasurer/Programme       Coordinator – Evan M0TJU


SRS Secretary/Media Manager/SRS Rally – Heth M6HNS






Bernard G3SHF

PCG Co-ordinator – Bernard G3SHF

Nigel 2E0CKA 1

Membership Secretary – Nigel 2E0CKA

Pete M1PTR

Narsa Rally/HF Ladder Manager – Pete M1PTR

Keiron M5KJM

Membership Outings – Kieron M5KJM



SRS Station Manager – Phillip M0XYA

John - M0JFM

Course Secretary – John M0JFM (Co-opted Member)

Carsten G0SYP

SRS/PCG QSL Manager – Carsten G0SYP (Co-opted Member)

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